Powering Angola

Powering Angola

Proef is developing a new electrification project, for ENDE, in Sanza Pombo, Angola.

ENDE - National Electricity Distribution Company entrusted Proef Power Angola with a new project for the supply and installation of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Distribution Networks and Home Connections in a 4 km extension in the town of Sanza Pombo, Uíge province.

The project is already running for two months, started in April, the work that has been developed by Proef's team includes the implementation of 32 Posts and the installation of 3 transformation stations to power the local LV networks.

ENDE is a historical partner of Proef in Angola, the technical know-how has been a key factor for the continuity of the partnership, which has been reinforced with the diversification of the supply through the provision and installation of smart energy metering systems.

It is with pride that Proef sees another electrification project to be carried out in Angola, intending to continue the work that has begun more than 10 years ago and whose main objective is to actively contribute to efficiently and effectively deliver energy supply to various Angolan communities and promote local growth and quality of life.