100% Innovation

100% Innovation

During August, Eurico Ferreira had the approval of three candidatures for R&D projects in the scope of Portugal 2020 program.

The approval of the projects WI-GREEN, WISEN and MUSCLES represent a global investment of €1.85M€. Eurico Ferreira will invest €900K financed at an average rate of 46%.

Eurico Ferreira has a success rate of 100% on the applications which has submitted so far in the Portugal 2020!


Eurico Ferreira in partnership with INESC TEC, during the two years of the project, will develop new solutions that allow the reduction of energy consumption at Wi-Fi hotspots in indoor scenario.
Wi-Green is integrated with SOOGREEN, a European project which intends to explore different solutions to optimize the energy consumption of services/networks in communications. In this main project Eurico Ferreira will lead the exploitation and dissemination activities and will also be the host of the next plenary meeting, welcoming the 16 consortium partners led by Orange France. 


Eurico Ferreira in partnership with CENTI will develop an integrated solution of sensoring systems in print technology on the communication/ transmition wireless network for the monitoring and control of risky jobs that workers are exposed in industrial environments, and their relations with productivity. Lipor was chosen as the scenario to test this innovative solution. 

This will be a 3-year project that will allow Eurico Ferreira to participate in the European project WINS@HI, led by NETAS, a Turkish research centre.


Eurico Ferreira in partnership with Instituto da Telecomunicações, Altice Labs and the Instituto de Castelo Branco, over the next 2 years of the MUSCLES project, will test and develop a software platform for the autonomous management of mobile network LTE (-A), providing capacities of self-organization, automatic detect and mitigation of network problems which are currently still being addressed manually by mobile network operators.

This project is integral part of the european program Celtic-Plus, on a project with the same name MUSCLES Celtic-Plus, led by Instituto das Telecomunicações.